My Ham-radio Hobbies include SWL’ing , you can tune into my Shortwave Receiver on this page, or you can listen to my Police / Fire and EMS Scanner online, also, you can see what is Flying overhead via Flight Aware.

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The BeachNet repeater system in south west Washington website is https://www.qsl.net/nm7r/

I hold a weekly Rag-Chew net on 146.580 FM and 28.900 USB every Saturday at 7pm PST – stop on in!

Packet Stations – Frequency  145.630

My packet RMS Station is running a PiGate image on a Raspberry pi with a MFJ-1270PI TNC


Local nodes to access K7IEU-10 in Raymond are HOLYX and MINOT

  • W7HGA-1 Howard’s PBBS in Raymond, WA (145.630)
  • Mailbox for South Bend EOC is WA7PC-1 (145.630)
  • K7IEU-10 RMS Gateway (145.630) Packet 1200 baud
  • K7IEU-1 BPQ BBS (145.630) Packet 1200 baud

IRLP and EchoLink operational, radio is a Motorola GM300.



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